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AC Replacement vs. Repair – All You Need To Consider

AC Replacement Vs. Repair

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Stuck between paying for another repair or upgrading to a more modern AC replacement? We can help –

If your AC system has stopped working properly, you then have the option to repair it or replace it with a new unit. However, knowing which is your best option can be challenging and depends on the problem, your system’s age, overall costs, and a wide range of other factors.

In this article, we discuss some of the different factors and considerations at play when choosing between an AC repair and a full replacement in an effort to help you make the best choice for your particular needs and circumstances.

How Long Air Conditioners Last

Should you repair or simply replace your air conditioner? The answer may hinge on your AC system’s age.

Newer units typically only need minor repairs to get them up and running, but ordering a replacement might be your go-to option if the unit is old, worn out, and constantly breaking down.
On average, an air conditioner should last between 15 and 20 years with proper maintenance and responsible use. If yours is only three years old, you shouldn’t be looking to replace it anytime soon. However, repairs might not be worth the time and money if you’ve used the same AC unit for over a decade.

Maintaining a cool indoor temperature is essential during the hottest part of the year. The last thing you want during a scorching summer day is for your AC to stop working at peak performance, causing your energy bills to soar and your home to get uncomfortable. As you consider repairing or replacing your current system, think about its age — in general, you should repair newer units and replace older ones.

The Cost of Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioning problems are beyond frustrating, as they can be downright expensive to fix. While simple solutions like changing the air filters and unclogging the drain line might not cost you much, complex, severe issues like thermostat malfunctions and refrigerant leaks could take a big bite out of your checkbook.

When deciding between AC replacement and repair, you’ll want to consider cost factors. Air conditioning repair costs add up over time if you have to call a professional technician frequently. Buying a new AC unit could save you money in the long run.

The following questions can help you determine whether AC replacement is more cost-effective than repairs:

  • How severe is the damage? More damage means higher repair costs. We recommend replacement if your repair costs exceed $5,000.
  • How often do you need repairs? Frequent repairs mean frequent bills. We recommend considering replacement if your AC unit requires constant inspection and repairs.

Efficiency and Performance Matter

You don’t just want an air conditioner that cools your home — you want one that functions at the highest level and promotes energy savings. The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) determines how well your system performs using a simple mathematical equation. In a nutshell, the SEER rating determines how much money and energy it takes to run your AC unit for 365 days.

The most efficient units on the market have SEER ratings close to 25. These systems can regulate your indoor climate effectively while using less energy and saving you more on electricity. Unfortunately, not every air conditioner has a high SEER rating.

Always consider efficiency and performance before repairing or replacing your AC unit. If your system has a SEER rating below 13 and has stopped working efficiently, it might be time to invest in a newer system. Maintenance and repairs can help your existing unit return to normal, but “normal” performance could be way below the average efficiency rating.

Choosing Between AC Replacement and Repair

AC replacement or AC repair — which is right for you?

Our knowledgeable technicians at CTR Services can help you review all your options and make the best decision according to your needs and budget. We then leverage our tools and years of experience to provide the most appropriate solutions.

For HVAC services you can trust, contact CTR Services today at (254) 545-1759 to schedule a consultation with a professional who cares.

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